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I couldnt be any happier now that I found your website. I bought a travel club from a company, but when I got home I read your reviews. I knew instantly I had to cancel it. I got my money back!!! Thank you, thank you thank you!!!

Robert Armstrong, MI

I’m not the best at the computer, but it was clear to see that the travel club I own has also had problems from other people on this website. I¬†guess I’m not alone. I hope they learn from all the feedback on here, its valuable for them to get direct feedback from people like me.

Herbert Jones, AZ

I felt very confident after coming across this website. There’s always a voice in the back of your head wondering if you did the right thing when purchasing something like a travel club. I’m ecstatic mine is one of your accredited companies – that gives me more peace of mind…

Tina Smith, FL

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