Travel Club Vs. Timeshare

Although the casual observer may see many complaints on this website about unscrupulous travel clubs and their operating tactics. One must remember that rarely do people go online to rave about a company or sales man. IN fact, most of us only go online to write a comment when we are using it as a way to vent. So even though there are a number of complaints online about travel clubs, that number pales in comparison to the number of complaints about timeshare. In fact, we suspect that most ex-timeshare owners really happy with a travel club purchase.

If one likes the timeshare industry, they love the travel club industry. In comparison the travel club product really is the new-age timeshare. A travel club membership is essentially a timeshare without the restrictions. The process of getting involved in a timeshare and a travel club has strikingly similar experiences. Many times it starts with an invitation to hear a presentation on an exciting new travel program – fueled by a freebie fit for attending. Once in the presentation, the two have markedly different benefits. A timeshare is very limited, and very expensive. On the other hand, a travel club is typically a fraction of the costs, allows for more travel time and offers much more flexibility when using. Quite simply put, a top-notch travel club seems to have much better benefits than the typical timeshare.

We believe the most important difference between a travel club and a timeshare is the exit of the ownership. Unlike with a travel club, you cant simply walk away from a timeshare. For example, if you made the wrong decision and purchased that didn’t work the way you thought it would – you can almost always simply walk away from it. While losing out on a few thousand dollars can be a bitter pill to swallow, most chalk it up as a lesson learned. There are no long term negative repercussions form walking away form a travel club that is not attached to a timeshare. However, with a timeshare you simply can not walk away, you cant give it away, in the majority of cases your family is stuck with the annual obligations into perpetuity. With a travel club you don’t have that worry.

So in general, if you are looking to decide between a travel club or a timeshare – we suggest a travel club. Buy one, use it for a few years and when the music stops – you need not worry, your travel club will simply disappear from your thoughts.