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Have you ever spoken with a salesman and just had a sinking feeling in your stomach? Was everything they said verbally perfect, but something in their mannerisms contained inaccuracies? Maybe thats just your intuition picking up on small Red Flags that your conscious couldn’t detect.

When it comes to a travel club presentation – one who isn’t versed in the sales tactics they use – may find it hard to decipher the great offers from the great cons. Below we have outlined a number of red flags you should be aware before attending a travel club presentation.

Travel Club ReviewsDid the sales agent, phone agent, or anyone refuse to give you their last name? Were they wearing a name tag with only their fist name? Did they purposefully not give you a business card? Did they even have a business card? It has been reported to us that some companies sales staff consists of former convicts and felons who have been court ordered to no longer sell travel clubs. By hiding their last names they reduce the risk of you Googling their name. 

Travel Club ReviewsWhere’s the logo? Some travel club companies are so fly-by-night that they don’t even put their logos on their own marketing materials. It is much easier for them to change name every three to six months and not have extra materials laying around that they would then have to discard. Being able to change names without having to print new marketing materials is a good way for a bad company to save money and continuously stay on the move.

Travel Club ReviewsIf a company only takes Paypal, there is likely a major problem. Paypal has some of the most lax approval standards for travel companies out there. What this means to the unsuspecting travel club purchaser is that a company who uses only Paypal is considered too high risk to be a normal merchant. In more basic terms, to get approved to process someone’s credit card, you have to be vetted by an underwriting department. Most credit card processors can see through the falsification of documents that the scam travel clubs use. They turn down travel clubs because they deem to be too high risk and susceptible to scamming the consumer. If a scam travel club is blocked from getting a normal credit card processing station, they almost always turn to Paypal.

Travel Club ReviewsOnly offering or requesting you pay by check. Writing a check to a travel club is almost as bad as wiring money to a stranger overseas. If you are ever going to purchase a travel club – always – do it with a credit card. With a credit card you have a small window to create a chargeback and leverage the credit cards protections to unwind a bad decision. Writing a check means you have ZERO protection. To get your money back after writing a check would mean you would have to spend thousands of dollars hiring an attorney to take a travel club to court if the travel club scammed you. In many cases, it’s just not worth it as the travel club has likely folded and no longer holds any assets to leverage against for a refund. Don’t be pressured into using a check.

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