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  • Navigator Travel Club.I became a member in dec 2017,at the presentation it all sounded so good, and numbers were fantastic. A week in a luxury resort for $149??? GREAT! Yes they mentioned that there would be all inclusive fees you would have to pay directly to a hotel, but you actually don't see how much those fees are. They showed me an example - a week in a hotel ( I believe somewhere in Dominican republic) - total cost $199 for a week, same hotel on Booking - total cost - $2200. OMG! You are going to save $2000 just right there, with 1 week of vacation. Well, not so fast. 2 weeks later when i got my log in information i learned that those all inclusive fees somewhere between $80 per person per night ( and thats the cheapest) to $200 per person per night, so if its 2 people and 7 nights - its actually the same total as on Booking. So that saving of $2000 I was so exited about - a big lie. On booking I saw the price with all inclusive fees already included. If i could cancel my membership and get a refund- I would do it in a heartbeat but they only give you 3 days after signing contract.They got me, I hope my review help and you still have your 3 days to reconsider.