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Reviews & Complaints

  • Theresa T.
    Travel vouchers for Capital Owners
  • BUYER BEWARE! Anything that sound too good? They get your money and if you don't purchased thru the high pressure sales they lose your travel info. THEY ARE NOT WHAT THEY SAY!
  • I had attended a Capital Resorts Group,LLC presentation and received a voucher for a trip from Direct Choice Vacation. I looked at the reviews on this company and nothing good was said. I found a phone # for them: 1-386-957-1010 and I called. I person named Chris answered and I explained my concerned. He said that there are 3 steps you have to followed to qualify for the vacation. I received the voucher on 8/26/17 and sent the filled out forms by Certified mail as was required on 9/2/17 . I tracked the sent mail and UPS could not find the address. I sent it to address that was on their paperwork. I called the number that I had success with before and that number is in New Smyna Beach, Fl. Not Peachtree City, Ga.30269. I will continue to see what this is about. At this time, I am out of the money spent on the Certified Mail and the time it took to do this. I will see if this is a scam.
  • Valerie F.
    Went to meeting for the time share was treated horrible by office helps Threatened to file a discrimination charge and infor all the suckers sitting in the Waiting to be fleeced room they decided it best to refund my first $99.00 and as a sorry we insulted uouvthe document for the cruise I THOUGHT I HAD ALREADY PAID FOR according to the call center agent ! Second step to getting the cruise filled out all onformation sent another $99.00 to the cruise company because they aren't connected to the first fleecing company Capital Resorts right? But how do you get to the cruise company if you don't go through them? Interesting tangle, today I get my second $99.00 saying I had voided the certificate because I didn't includ the certified letter? Reread all the paperwork no certified paper was mentioned anywhere! But I have the last laugh here is phone numbers to Gina Baker who decided it best to refund my first $99.00 plus the $50.00 bonus they promised me she is at Crown Resorts in Florida whose phone number was given to me in Branson to fix their mess 1-866-223-9032 x 3008 and the owner of this whole mess is a Jason Schoff. Beware !! If it's sounds to good to be true IT IS. Discrimination against a senior citizen can create a firestorm for companies like this! I ask too many questions they weren't prepared to answer and guess what I got all my fleeced money back!
  • Jimmy N.
    I believe Direct Choice is a scam! They make you fill out unnecessary paperwork will all these stipulations and when it's all finished after weeks of waiting, you get a refund saying you didn't pick a destination! I know we did! That's how they get you and I'm pretty sure they sold our info at least our email. We will never do that again! Lesson learned! So my advice to anyone thinking about using them. DONT Waste your time! SCAM!!
  • $99.99
    Krystin W.
    I went to Wisconsin Dells with Capital Resorts, I received my paper in the mail to fill out and choose from the options that best fit me. I sent it back, I never heard back so I contacted my agent and she reached out to the person handling gifting, she had been emailing me and for whatever reason it was not coming through. She then sent it to me by mail, I just sent my registration fee and next is my papers to pick the cruise that I want. Again, if I have the same issue I will contact my representative and have her reach out. I have never tried an 800 number or spoke to anyone I could not understand. They have specific people who handle their gifting, contact your rep and get that persons name and number. You have 21 days to have it postmarked and sent back in, I to was told 30 days and in fine print it said 21.
  • Terrible business. Took two months after sending voucher to realize they hadn't sent it back like they were supposed to. After calling they said "oh yeah we sent it by email ". Not true! So they again claimed they would email it again. Two days later no email. Called back and they sent it via mail. Received it and immediately filled it out and sent directly back so it would be within the 14 days. Called them 2 weeks later to be told it was voided bc it was t sent via certified mail. Even though it got to them within the time it was supposed. I was in such a rush due to the prolonged and delayed process (due to their mistakes) to get it done so that I overlooked certified. I feel like they search for any reason to void these vouchers even though they couldn't even manage to get the process started and took two months to get the first paper sent and only after I called twice to get that done. Also should mention we paid $300 for a package that included the 4 night cruise and 2 night resort stay.
  • Millie W.
    Having visited Branson, MO and attending a Capital Resorts presentation, I was given a well designed 8x11 offer from Direct Choice with six vacation offers from 20 destinations, from which I was to choose two and submit within 30 days of stamped date. I chose the two offers that suited me best and phoned Direct Choice to learn the location of the 20 destinations as they were not listed anywhere. I got a hard-to-understand foreigner, told him I wanted the destinations, and he kept saying "I give you $100. gift for your first vacation, just give me $4.95 for shipping. I explained that I was not interested but wanted the list of destinations, and he went through the same sales pitch again, would not stop, so I ended the call. A rather disappointing entre to Direct choice. And "no" I still don't know the location of the 20 advertised destinations.
  • Sharon
    Stop scamming people because no good will come out of it...
  • Caroline
    Went to a presentation in st Augustine, send my voucher via certified mail and never heard back. Time is out in two days. Big scam!!
  • Sent in my voucher by certified mail and have not recieved anything since. T he people that were with us at the presentation recieved a docusign and sent in their deposit. We are now running out of time. Called the Direct Choice Vacations phone and it is not working.
  • Terri R.
    I won a travel voucher with Direct Choice Vacations from a presentation in St. Augustine. I completed all the steps and sent in my documents via certified mail. No response and 1-888 does not work. Would have loved to have had the vacation. I hope someone gets back to my email.
  • Stephanie C.
    Can not get a live person after doing the first step of w/I 15 days submit your voucher via certified mail. Capitol one is officiated with this company. If you don't reply in 15 of leaving Capitol Resorts stay you forfeit your next two promised bonus vacations.
  • Christiane C.
    Not reliable as I have win a voucher which I submitted in January and I am suppose to receive within 30 days a certificate for a vacation saving. After 2 months , never received it . Trying to call Dircet Choice and they never answer. I will never receommend this travel group as they are not reliable