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American Travel Partners Worldwide is one of the nations longest standing travel clubs. Our research has shown thatĀ ATP Worldwide was originally founded in the state of Florida over 12 years ago. It’s travel fulfillment partner has been in business for over 30 years and is also Better Business Bureau Accredited with an A+ rating.

ATP Worldwide has a primary focus in discounted accommodations not available to the general public. This savings club seems to be an attractive alternative for those who dislike the idea of timesharing. With more flexibility, more savings and a concierge reservation hotline – American Travel Partners Worldwide is theĀ searched travel club on our website.

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Reviews & Complaints

  • Gerald A.
    It's pretty easy to see why these travel clubs are so successful in signing people up. I saw it first hand. Pretty much everyone except myself and two other couples that day signed up. I think they can literally bribe anyone to come in the door because they have so much extra vacations to give away. That's what they do... they just buy ridiculous amounts of vacations at wholesale, then sell memberships to that wholesale vacations... and the ones they cant liquidate to their members, they give to us at the presentations. It's the leftover crumbs. The club seems like a good fit for those who are passionate about travel and HAVE THE MONEY to sign up. We did not. They were a little high pressure at the end, but nothing like timeshare.... ultimately the girl we had as our sales rep was respectful when she realized we really didnt have the money. All in all, OK gifts, Good presentation and it seems like a great deal for the club... if you can afford.
  • Good savings on the club, the gift is a headache. We bought the travel club in their Seattle Washington office. We are avid travelers with ATP Worldwide and really like it - but we are NOT HAPPY with the gifts. Because we didnt register the certificate in time, it's now expired, and no one will reissue another one. I would think they would care about their members more - and issue me a new one. I told the manager I would write my review online if I didnt hear back today by 2pm.... so here it is ATP Worldwide!
  • CAUTION! Not that "free" of a cruise... you still have to pay port fees and taxes!!!! We also took the bait and bought into their club. I did learn quickly the big money savings are on the timeshares units and various hotels packages...I havent booked a tour, but they seem like a savings too. We hope to use this company to do our first trip to Europe in Spring.. I think the company could just do a better job explaining whats "free" for coming out... Just beware the gifts arent free! Like momma said, "aint not such thing as a free lunch (cruise)"
  • BeachBaby71
    Their big savings are on their condos and hotels... BEWARE... no good deals on airfare! The cruise deals are fair... but you get the best deals when you go on their promotions. Cruises are best if you have a flexible timeline.
  • Rebecca W.
    Customer service could use some improvement for beginners. Now that I have owned for a few months, I have gotten the hang of how to best use it. Maybe there should be a training manual? Something because I was desperate in the beginning to pull up the same deals they show in the presentation.... there's just so much to choose from. I got the hang of it now but WORK ON YOUR INITIAL CUSTOMER SERVICE ATP WORLDWIDE!!! We paid a lot of money and if you cant find the super star deals right away you fear you are scammed!
  • Didnt buy, the gift they gives out has more hoops thatn they say... but we finally got our cruise dates. Club seemed very expensive, but maybe it's good for those that travel a lot We havent takeng a vacation other then this upcoming cruise in years. Will report back to this post if i have any problems at the cruise line. Hopeful bc it seems legit so far.